Angelique’s Hawaii Wedding 10.11.2010

Angelique’s dress was the softest english net, accented on the neckline with lace and a darker dotted net on the waist. Ruching on the bust and waist, with a sheer batwing sleeve and fitted underdress. Photos provided by Christina at Baci Photography.

2 thoughts on “Angelique’s Hawaii Wedding 10.11.2010

  1. Oh, if every baci bride could wear a Jessica May design!! Having photographed weddings for the past 20 years (& the last 10 as a widow) I never thought I’d have need for a wedding dress (or wedding photography, for that matter). Thanks to my miraculous designer, Jes, along with my exceptional photographer sister/assistant, I enjoyed both. From the design process to the wedding day, I swear I was dreaming. If I didn’t have the dress and photographs in my possession, I’d say it WAS merely a dream. 🙂 Thanks, Jes, for making it true. You are one talented gal and watching you design and sew was PRICELESS!!!

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