Hanna’s Gown Redesign (Before) 7.13.2011

Hanna brought me her mother’s gown to be redesigned. We decided to take some photos of her in is so we could have some good before and after photos. Hanna had very few requests as far as design goes – lower the high neckline, and change the silhouette. I can’t wait to show the final product.

Here are some work-in-progress photos to see how it’s coming along.

Jessica Hardy 7.2.2011

Jessica’s custom wedding gown is a silk charmuese with chantilly lace accents. Symmetrical pleated bodice, natural waist, and an angled drop waist skirt with lots of fullness. Her veil is a fingertip length and her dress featured cut filigree gold buttons. Jessica is sister to former bride, Kristina.