Mariah’s Prom Dress


Mariah’s Prom dress features large rhinestones, on a boned bodice, and champagne colored tulle and organza skirt. We were in a bit of a time crunch to get her dress done, so we reused the bodice from her homecoming dress, and added a new skirt and lots of rhinestones! Quite the transformation.

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8812 2 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8830 2 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8871 2 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8863 2 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8889 2_1 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8900 2 3

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_8886 2 3

Yay for back lit sun shots!


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