Abby’s Pink Lace Wedding Gown

Abby’s wedding gown is an ivory Chantilly lace over a pink under dress with bell sleeves. Her lace is soft and flowing, with venise lace appliques on the sweetheart neckline and appliques accenting the drop waist detail. Her custom headpiece is a wired pink enamel floral crown.


Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3427Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3430_1Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3486_1  Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3452_1Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3419_1Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3453  Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3451 Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3466Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3434_1  Jessica-May-Bridal-Abby-IMG_3460

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