Courtney’s Bridesmaids 5.30.2009 Potomac, MD

Here’s another view of Courtney’s dress bustled. Her bridesmaids were a bright yellow tafetta, with matching handmade flowers.

Jonathan Canlas

Amazing photos by Jonathan Canlas. I wish he could photograph all my dresses!

Courtney 5.30.2009

Here’s some snapshots of Courtney’s dress in my almost finished renovation!

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03 blog

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Her dress is an off-white tafetta, with beaded bodice, a modified sweetheart neckline,  pleated waistline, full gathered skirt, rhinestone buttons and pockets.

Yes! Pockets! The bride also had two veils, one long and formal, and a shorter cage veil for fun!

To see some REALLY amazing photos of Courtney and her Groom, please click on the photo below, by the ever fabulous … Jonathan Canlas. canlas link blog