Whitney’s Custom Lace Wedding Dress

Whitney’s custom lace wedding dress features 3/4 length sleeves, a round neckline and pieced lace. Her seamed gown accentuates her curves with delicate floral Venise trim with alencon eyelash lace on her neckline as well as her fingertip length veil. I love doing gowns with knit linings. Seeing a bride be able to actually move in her gown is fun. Check out the photos of Whitney all curled up in that cozy chair. So awesome.















Chaille’s Custom Lace Wedding Dress

Chaille’s custom wedding dress is a soft Chantilly lace in a dark ecru, lined in the softest ivory knit. Her neckline and sleeves are trimmed in Venise lace, and her whole look is finished off with a dramatic cut edge veil.












Brenn’s Custom Bridal Gown Redesign

Brenn’s custom gown began as a dress purchased at a vintage shop in Europe. We reused the original lace from the skirt and part of the flounce on the bodice, and incorporated five other new coordinating laces or nets, and a new, fully nude colored lining to keep the dress light and sheer, yet completely modest. Brenn was a blast to work with! And something about her dress made me seriously homesick for the woods of Massachusetts, and reading Emily Dickinson poems on the lawn.

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 1

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 2

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 3

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 4

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 5

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 6

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 7

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 8

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 9

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 10

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 11

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn 12

Jessica-May-Bridal Brenn before after

Emrey’s Custom Wedding Gown

Emrey’s Custom wedding gown is a bias cut silk charmeuse with nude colored silk cutouts on the sides and upper back. Cut-outs feature hand appliqued French Chantilly overlays. Her sweetheart neckline and strong, pleated shoulders add a touch of modern flair, as well as fluttery lace details on the neckline. Paneled side godets, and delicate buttons follow to the length of the train to complete the look, as well as a silk cathedral length veil.

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey65

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey31

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey70

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey62

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey27

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey7

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey76

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey10

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey17

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey12

Jessica-May-Bridal Emrey23

Haley’s Lace Wedding Gown


Haley’s custom lace wedding gown is a floral Alencon with a dark ivory eyelet under layer. Her v-neck, short sleeve dress features a velvet ribbon, rhinestone buttons, and flower detail at the waistline.

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9209 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9208 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9227 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9215 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9232 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9229 2a

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9254 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9193 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9199 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9230 2

Jessica-May-Bridal  Haley IMG_9237 2

I had a blast working with Haley, with her being a fellow Easterner.

She gets me in a way maybe some others don’t…

A special thanks to The Gardner Family for letting us use their beautiful yard for her photos!!!!

Brenna’s Wedding Dress

Brenna’s Custom Lace Wedding Dress is knee length with round neck, elbow length sleeves and a pleated lace skirt. Her bodice features sweetheart seaming with a peachy nude colored lining on the neckline and cap sleeve and her silk charmeuse sash has a beaded detail on the natural waist. A blusher veil and short petticoat complete her look.

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9154 2a


Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9140 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9168 2a

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9129 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9132 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9145 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9134 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9135 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9137 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9158 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9172 2

Jessica-May-Bridal IMG_9174 2

Annie’s Wedding Gown

Annie’s custom wedding gown is a combination of three laces, the palest taupe knit, taupe dotted net under skirt and a touch of ivory English net on the skirt. It’s a textural and visual wonderland. She was a complete joy to work with, and her outside photos evoke feelings of wood nymphs and fairy tales! Best wishes to Annie and Ryan for a fairytale wedding as well!

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2882 2a

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2854 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2863 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2869 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2888 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2866 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2896 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2892 2

Jessica May Bridal IMG_2883 2