Leslie’s Custom Lace Wedding Gown

Ok World! I took these photos of Leslie’s dress in OCTOBER. Seriously. October. I can’t believe how time has flown by I can’t let another day go by with out sharing these photos!  Leslie is my beautiful sister-in-law.

And her dress is my favorite.

I put so much love into each dress that I make that sometimes I have a hard time letting go when I’m done. They are like my children. I know I’m not supposed to pick favorites. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!!! Enough gushing. On to the dress specs:

Leslie’s custom gown is an english net with applied venise lace appliques. (Side note, a million little lace appliques, I’m not exaggerating here. I took 5 different lace patterns and made them all into one amazing collage.) Her lining is a blush-y peach colored silk charmeuse. Her sweetheart neckline features daisy lace, with medallions on her pinched cap sleeves, that sweep onto her lower back highlighting her covered buttons and loop tape.  Her custom veil also features matching lace appliques and compliments her beaded headpiece.

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9485_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9511

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9486_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9488_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9491_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9495_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9496_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9498_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9500_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9502_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9512

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9519

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9521

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9530

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9533

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9533_1

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9540

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9543

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9544

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9469

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9475

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9477

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9549

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9552

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9556

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9558

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9562

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9572

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9576

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9577

Jessica-May-Bridal-Leslie IMG_9583

Liz’s Custom Wedding Gown

I’ve given up on narrowing down Liz’s photos. There’s a bit more than I usually post, but I love them all, so here you go.

Liz’s dress is a hand cut French Chantilly lace, applied onto an English net base with silk charmeuse and fabric covered buttons. Her round neckline is bias bound, and every one of those buttons has an authentic loop on her sleeves. She was so patient with me buttoning each one to test the fit of her sleeves during her fittings. Totally worth it. Her bodice has a subtle bustier effect with the lace appliqued in a sweetheart shape, dipping down to her natural waist at the side seams. The English net layer on her skirt is full to the tune of 15 yards, with panels of lace tendrils climbing up along the eyelash lace scalloped hem. I’m in LOVE with this dress!



























Jessica Hardy 7.2.2011

Jessica’s custom wedding gown is a silk charmuese with chantilly lace accents. Symmetrical pleated bodice, natural waist, and an angled drop waist skirt with lots of fullness. Her veil is a fingertip length and her dress featured cut filigree gold buttons. Jessica is sister to former bride, Kristina.


Laurie’s dress in silk charmeuse, four hand applied laces including chantilly and alencon, in asymmetrical patterns. Sweetheart base neckline, with Queen-ann neck in lace overlay, and keyhole back with covered buttons.  Gathered flutter sleeves, natural waistline, sheath cut with asymmetrical chantilly lace applied at the hem.
It was blustery, cold and dark when we tried to take a few pictures, so there are a few indoor-on-the-hanger photos. I can’t wait to get pics from her actual wedding day, in sunny California.

blog IMG_5771

blog IMG_5797 os

blog IMG_5774

blog IMG_5800 os

blog IMG_5806 bw

blog IMG_5779 c

blog IMG_5808 bw